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 Teach your rendering engine

Teach your rendering engine

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Download Lynda Learning Thea Render 

 Teach your rendering engine

Software Thea Render is a powerful rendering engine that supports the latest technologies such as GPU and uses.Enjoy! Thea Render is one of the nicer rendering engines where you can take advantage of unbiased rendering and simultaneously calculate the effects of Biased like Caustic. Thea Render also gives you the speed and the ability to bring you one-of-a-kind alternatives. Suitable for a rendering engine. In that part of the rendering engine Thea Render, based on biased rendering, you can compute general lighting (GI) with algorithms and methods for final Gathering, photon mapping, irradiance mapping. Also, you can add rendering quality with Unbiased algorithms. Supports SSS and Layer-Based material as well as displacement mapping, animation animation support and animation rendering., Depth of Field (DOF), Motion Blur, and Post Production effects are all part of Thea Render. Thea Render is currently available for 3ds max, blender, cinema4d, modo, rhino, sketch up and softimage xsi software. 
During the training of Lynda Learning Thea Render Thea rendering engine with capabilities and features are familiar.
Heading periodic training of Lynda Learning Thea Render:
- considerations workflow rendering engine Thea 
- Configure Devices 
- Loading and saving scenes 
- Check interface 
- customizing the user interface 
- the exhibition 
- working with objects 
- lights and environment and 
- working with the material 
- add and adjust a camera 
Anime in Thea Render 

Lynda Learning Thea Render Screenshot 1 Lynda Learning Thea Render Screenshot 2 Lynda Learning Thea Render Screenshot 3 Lynda Learning Thea Render Screenshot 4

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