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Download SolidThinking Click2Form v2018.1.1060 x64 - Simulation and Analysis Software for Pressing Operations
Click2Form product group Software of SolidThinking the users to the Mac, it allows the press to simulate and analyze the various components. This software is able to simulate and analyze the pressing process for all kinds of metal parts using inverted analysis technology. Users can import and analyze their models directly from CAD software with a variety of formats such as Parasolid, CATIA, IGES, STEP, and STL. Using this software, manufacturers can analyze the work of the press and its results for their products in order to prevent possible errors during mass production.
Key features of the software Click2Form:
- direct import models from other software, CAD 
- the Mac that measure different parts of a model 
- Ability to rotate or turn the parts model 
- allows you to remove unwanted properties of the parts 
- Analysis of the pressing
solidThinking Click2Form Screenshot 1 solidThinking Click2Form Screenshot 2 solidThinking Click2Form Screenshot 3

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