Rendering Tutorials in Rhineland and Vray

Rendering Fundamentals with Rhino and V-Ray - Rendering Tutorials in Rhineland and Vray

Undoubtedly rendering or rendering are important steps in making computer animation because you need rendering before you can display your designs and projects. Generally speaking, the process of image production from a virtual scene in order to display on a screen, rendering is said to be done by software and is the last step in the production of computer animation. In fact, this step involves turning the vector 3D scene into a visible pixel image. 
Rhino (Rhin) from the application of the material of which it can use to create, edit and analyze patterns and three-dimensional models will be for engineers, industrial design, architecture, civil engineering, engineering Mac Annick, and Also, the design of the play games is applicable. 
In the training courseWith Rendering Fundamentals with Rhino and V-Ray, you'll get familiar with Rendering Principles in Reynaud and Weyre.
Educational titles :
- The reason for using V-Ray 
- Installing DR Spawner 
- Understanding 3D Terminology 
- Enabling V-Ray 
- Quality settings 
- Quick preview 
- Understanding all types of lighting 
- Material review in Material Editor 
- Creating Material 
- Using Pre-settings on V-Ray 
- Texture mapping materials with Bitmap 
- Correct measurements for rendering in outgoing settings 
- Ambient lighting 
- Camera working strategies and camera settings 
- Ensure the correct color of the scene 
- Rendering tips and tricks Rayon 
- and ... 

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