PolyWorks Metrology Suite 2018

PolyWorks is a powerful software for metrology (3D metrology). From the very beginning of the product design to prototyping, final inspection and assembly, this software provides an advanced tool for all stages of product development. Utilizing single point and point cloud 3D technologies as well as MacThe personalization and macroscopy of this program has become one of the most complete examples of its kind. Other features of this software include Inspector modules for product engineering, assembly assemblies, and final inspection of the design, Modeler for reverse engineering, and a two-way communication between the CAM and CAD and Viewer for providing and displaying the results of metrology. To be used. This software is a very reliable assistant for 3D metrology in industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy and product manufacturing.
A key feature of the software Polyworks:
- the Mac the insertion of files and formats CAD software 
- adding messages and pictures Help 
- tool measuring laser tracking 
- Support and device management and operation of CNC 
- management and control directions Motion Detection Devices 
- Display CAD deviation using texture mapping techniques 
- Ability to configure the ordering of measurement operations 
- Use of single point and 3D 
spotting technologies - Ability to personalize the environment and macro in the program 
- the possibility of measuring the entire edge of the model 
- allows inspection of product design and reverse engineering 
- applications in the fields and areas Different 
- and ...
PolyWorks Screenshot 1 PolyWorks Screenshot 2 PolyWorks Screenshot 3 PolyWorks Screenshot 4

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