PatternMaker Marker Studio v7.0.5

PatternMaker Marker Studio is a very useful software for sewing and knitting with a MacIt can design and customize a variety of patterns. To do this, just enter the dimensions of the body according to the position shown on the shape, and then, by choosing the desired model for the skirt, pants, shirt and ... to the desired and final layout of the pattern Get your opinion. One of the features of this software is a pattern printing method that selects the type of paper and the software, based on the type of paper, parses the pattern and prints each part by inserting precise specs for putting together the pieces. After printing, just print the printed sheets to get the actual size of your pattern. PatternMaker Marker Studio is actually an easy solution with which you can give your measurements to the software and deliver your template quickly.
Key Features of PatternMaker Marker Studio:
- Template design based on imported sizes 
- Print the pattern based on the type of paper 
- Print the final pattern in several pieces of paper and number the pieces to put them together 
- Pattern design tools manually 
- Perform Calculations and measurements 
- Draw a pattern of pants, shirts, blues ... 
- And ...
PatternMaker Screenshot 1 PatternMaker Screenshot 2

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