Garden Planner v3.6.25 - Garden & Green Design Software

Garden Planner ProFun and interesting from Artifact Interactive, which you can use to design a garden or villa of your dreams and use softwood plants and trees in your design. The user interface of this software is designed so that even the inexperienced and novice people can easily use it. This software has an intuitive and professional interface that you can easily start a new project to design a garden or garden with pool and hedgehogs and more. You can use the objects in the various categories in this application in your design, including objects such as trees, plants and plants, flowers, grass, buildings, walls and fences, watermarks and ... noted that all the designs and objects mentioned can be resized, sized and colored and customizable. You can easily add your favorite objects from the list in the software by dragging and dropping it into your design space. In fact, this software is a simple and easy tool for garden design and landscaping. The user can use pre-programmed designs inside the software or from the outset design a garden or yard. After designing a garden or building a garden or yard you can see it as a plan.
A key feature of the software Garden Planner:
- Design your dream garden or villa 
- a new and diverse objects such as trees, bushes, plants, flowers, grass, buildings, walls and fences, fountain and ... 
- The Mac View The design of the area or yard itself 
- the ability to resize, compare, size, color and personalize the objects and designs 
- has an intuitive and easy 
-to- use interface - Creates the best quality of the layout for output 
- has the right tool To create fences, fences and roads 
- Create reports from created planes and other things you used in design 
- Create specific texture for your desired plan 
- E Change location on the scale of created plans 
- the possibility of creating a bookHouse of custom plants 
- Ability to save and load your designs 
- Compatible with different versions of Windows
- And ...
Garden Planner Screenshot 1

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