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 Auto desk Eagle v9.1.1

Auto desk Eagle v9.1.1

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Autodesk Eagle is one of the most powerful software for designing circuit boards and electronic boards, one of its advantages is low volume and high speed. The program has a book house is powerful. One of the reasons why it's popular among users is the three-dimensional display of your board virtualized and simulated from real parts. 
This software was previously published by Cadsoft and is currently being published by Autodesk.
A key feature of the software Autodesk Eagle:
- The application is very easy to learn at least the Mac N 
- Ability to view three-dimensional image board after track laying 
- Route sanitary automatic and manual, the possibility of picking up the pieces manually and automatically 
- 3D view range The Ultimate 
- The ability to build a new piece in the least time 
- Has powerful bookshops where all the electronic components are found 
- Plugins and functional libraries 
- Very low volume and runs on all Windows -based operating systems 
. ..
Eagle Screenshot 1 Eagle Screenshot 2 Eagle Screenshot 3

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