Floor Generator

Floor Generator is a functional plugin for the Terry MacBook Pro and the company cg-source to help you design and simulate a variety of parquet, flooring, mosaics, ceramics, bricks and more. This plug-in works parametricly and can be used to create a three-dimensional texture on the floor of a building or building floor. To use it, you need to add the Spline line up to the surface you want to automatically and, of course controlled, create a variety of parquet, wood, or wall tiles of the building's appearance and ... according to your own interior patterns. Slowly To install this plugin, just copy your MaxMedia version of the FloorGenerator into your Trinity Max plugin software folder to display your software's Modifires section. 
Of course, this script / plugin also has a FloorGenerator modifier that can be placed on any 2D object (closed 2D shape) or object and a flat and 2-dimensional (co-planar polygons) Apply it. Just be sure that the default default settings are set to millimeters and you must scale it later. You can also save all the settings of this plugin as a separate file and then recall if needed to speed up the design process in your project. This powerful and practical tool is very much used in the architectural project.
Floor Generator Screenshot 1 Floor Generator Screenshot 2 Floor Generator Screenshot 3

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