StairDesigner v7.0

StairDesigner is a software for designing balanced, spiral, and straight stairs that are used in wood, metal, marble, and rocks. All stairs are offset by default, but the position of each step may be shaken and slightly shifted individually, in this case the StairDesigner will automatically recalculate the overall stairs equilibrium. The StairDesigner is capable of designing up to 7 sequential staircase strings, each with its dimensions and its angle with the previous staircase. There is also the possibility of designing a turning step to the left or right and the S-shaped staircase.
Key features of StairDesigner software :
- Design of rotary staircases 
- Design of staircase s 
- Design of spiral staircases 
- Calculate and adjust the automatic stair position balance 
- Measure and control stair height, minimum and maximum distances and ... 
- ...
StairDesigner Screenshot 1 StairDesigner Screenshot 2 StairDesigner Screenshot 3 StairDesigner Screenshot 4

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