Jewelry Design with Rayon + Video

Jewelry Design with Rayon + Video

One of the applications of Rhino software is in the industries (especially in Iran), the gold industry and # jewelry . The reason for this, on the other hand, is Rhino's features and, on the other hand, the special features of the gold and jewelry industry. Due to the extensive use of Rhino in this area,  there are also many plugins for designing and modeling gold and jewelry. Examples include Matrix ,  RhinoGold ,  RhinoRing , RhinoJewel ,  and JewelersCAD plugins   . Although each of these plugins adds the tools and tools to the Rhino, which makes it much easier and faster for jewelery designers, you can use the Rheinou alone to make jewelry designs without any extensions.
The three-dimensional model built in Reino with the technology of #print_x_xml converts  to a physical specimen of resin, which is used directly in gold casting or in rubber molding for mass production. The perfect format for 3D printers is the STL format. The built-in STL file must be seamless (unified) and watertight. If the principles and tips are met during the modeling process, the saved STL file of the Rhino will be directly applicable to the print. But there are also other software that is responsible for preparing the STL file for a 3D print device. Such as Materialise Magics and Netfabb and Meshmixer
In the following, for familiarizing you with the routine of work and the basics of designing jewelry at Rhineau, a video tutorial of Lynda has been downloaded for about two and a half hours for # downloads, in which Mr. Jean Gorospe, in the form of the construction of four pieces of jewelry, some techniques And teaches you the basics for # Drawing_Jewelry in Reynoldo . If you are interested in this field after seeing these videos and decided to choose it as your career and source of income, our offer is for you to take part in the Rhino and Metric private and group training courses. In this course, we will give you the experience of our many years in the design of gold and jewelry.

Download the Learn Basic Jewelry Modeling collection from Lynda 
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