ArchiCAD is a well-known company called Graphisoft, specially designed for professors and students in civil engineering and other related disciplines. The first software that was designed for two-dimensional design of the building could be said to be the Graphisoft ArchiCAD software. Another featured part of the Graphisoft ArchiCAD software is its Drawing section.
You can design your drawings both in 3D and in two-dimensional form, and after designing, use different graphic tools and icons to make a justification of it. You can also switch between two two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes whenever you want and monitor your project from a variety of dimensions. With this software, you can design a complete building and then use the features of the program, which includes 3D viewing, changing the amount of light at night and day, and viewing your building from different angles.
In this version you will be able to use Google Maps and Google Earth Design the best of the details and implement and simulate these designs on the maps. One of the great features of this software, which can not be seen even in powerful software such as AutoCAD, is the ability to automatically create 3D volumes of a project after its two-dimensional design. In addition, in this software, the wall, ceiling, door, window and other components of a building are already ready in it, and just select them and fill them with the desired size and size. Get it

Features and Features of Graphisoft ArchiCAD:

  • Physical engine and digital cameras, grass, white effect model
  • Preparation of the list of meters and estimates of the door, window, wall and ... with the size and number of the project
  •  It has all kinds of components, objects and building-ready views
  • Possibility to import two-dimensional plans and convert them into 3D
  • Simultaneous design of the project in two-dimensional and three-dimensional
  • Collaboration and remote access
  • Working with parametric bodies
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Apply the position of the project in the program and observe the angles of sunlight
  • Prepare cut, facade and perspective from the desired parts of the project
  • You can create and import new objects that are not in the program
  • Ability to connect to Google Earth to simulate models
  • Design of huge buildings and structures without limitations in size, number of floors
  • Multiple editing elements simultaneously
  • Possibility to design interior decoration with a variety of ready-made objects
  • Ability to import and output and communicate with a variety of related software such as AutoCAD, 3dsMax
  • The ability to view the building during certain hours of the day and the possibility of lighting design
  • Has a central database for structuring information storage
  • Complete drawings of buildings, enclosures and interior and exterior design in two-dimensional and three-dimensional
  • View complete list and detail with details of building components
  • Run CineRender in the background using multiple kernels
A series of changes and new features  GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD from here is visible .  

ARCHICAD Program Tips:

- This version is presented with full crack.
- This software is only available in version 17 from 64-bit.

required system

Version 21:
Windows Recommended Operating Systems:
- Windows 10 
- Windows 8.1
macOS Recommended Operating Systems:
- Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and higher. 
- 64-bit processor with 4 or more cores. 
- 8 GB RAM is recommended. 
- 5 GB of free disk space required for full ARCHICAD installation. 
- Resolution of 1440 x 900 is recommended
Version 20:
Windows Recommended Operating Systems
- Windows 10 (64-bit version) 
- Windows 8.1 (64-bit version) 
- Windows 7 (64-bit version)
macOS Recommended Operating Systems
- macOS 10.12 Sierra 
- Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan 
- Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite


Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

download link


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