Room Arranger x86 / x64 + Portable

Room Arranger x86 / x64 + Portable


Room Arranger is a functional application for designing and decoration of places. With this program you can design a room, office, home, apartment, garden or any other place. Move the different elements and eventually get a satisfying layout and map. Our visual visualization is not so strong that we visualize everything in our imagination, and ultimately we can see a perfect decoration. On the other hand, we can not move physical objects that are sometimes heavy, such as refrigerators, cabinets, TVs and so on to get the desired result. This is not at all logical. In this situation, Room Arranger software can be a great help.
In this program, we can move objects, such as furniture, TVs, fridges and more in a simple, infinite environment to reach our favorite result. This app displays everything in 3D and touchable, and you or any other person realizes what you mean by one glance, and it can be applied to the good or bad decoration. This app is not designed to decorate rooms and homes alone. You can place any location, such as office, courtyard, garden, garden, etc. with related objects to get the right plan and map. The program can display the distances between objects, their size, and other calculations required. At each stage of the project, you can change the ingredients by selecting the elements you want. Move them and place them in different ways.

required system 

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10


Room Arranger

Installation guide

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