Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design X product 3D Systems is a software three-dimensional design that unlike other similar software in the field, in reverse, ie instead map a model in software design and built-in software The actual model is located on a 3D scan, and then the map is made to the user. This software, by utilizing its reverse engineering and advanced coding techniques, accurately analyzes the actual and pre-made objects, and delivers it with high precision 3D maps and you can map that map to any one. You can run and edit a 3D design and CAD program, you can even build the same map and build realistic parts.
The method used in this software is to place the object in front of a three-dimensional scanner and allow the 3D scanner to produce different photos of the object, then transfer the images taken to the software and soft The software draws its boundary map using its detailed three-dimensional analysis, then you have to adapt the output of the software to the actual object, and edit it so that it finally comes in the form you want, then it Run in other software like AutoCAD or Maya and apply other final changes. 

Key Features of Geomagic Design X:
- Reverse Engineering - Design of 3D Models 
- Generate a map of building every single piece using 3D analysis 
- Support 3D printers for drawing drawings.
- Support for AutoCAD and other 3D software for editing models of prototypes 
- Production of highly complex objects such as body organs 
- Production of parts that can not be produced in a way other than reverse engineering can be 
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