Marvelous Designer 6.5 Enterprise 3.1.22 x64

Marvelous Designer 6.5 Enterprise 3.1.22 x64


Marvelous Designer product of CLO Virtual Fashion design beautiful clothes for a virtual three-dimensional. With these tools in a short time can be the most simple T-shirts to wear with complex textures and even heavy and rough uniforms with high quality in a three-dimensional design. Marvelous Designer supports 3D application software and having an interactive user interface allows users to simultaneously edit a three-dimensional model and simply designed clothes to wear covered characters.
Routine old Couture require hours of time to develop wrinkles, line-up and many other things that, again, the final output is not satisfactory, but it's all done for you, and the use of technology and several features that dress you designed, and while the characters (running, jumping, walking, cycling, etc.) to fit the type of move and shake the clothes they wore, the character moves right to make all natural look .
Marvelous Designer tissue-based creative approach makes this software already raised by the gaming studios such as EA, Ubisoft and also made animated films including The Hobbit, Avatar, Total Recall and Adventures welcomed and exploited. Marvelous Designer is a revolution in design for a three-dimensional characters.

Features and Marvelous Designer:

  • The interface is able to increase the speed and efficiency program
  • Design clothes for different situations, characters with no limit to the
  • Easy to wear without the need for prior knowledge about fashion design and clothing
  • You can add various details such as pillowcases and Aplha and cobbling and ...
  • Output for use in various applications such as Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Modo and ZBrush
  • Accurate simulation and dress and add the appropriate actions to dress to fit the type of characters to create exciting animations and real
  • Sewing and needlework simple tool with the ability to determine the exact direction of sewing (work in 3D CAD software is difficult and has a lot of limitations)
  • And…


Marvelous Designer

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