Vectorworks 2015 SP5 Designer Edition x64

Vectorworks 2015 SP5

 Designer Edition x64


Vectorworks line of software solutions in the CAD industry, which allows designers to promote their ideas, best practices offer. The app includes those users including architects, interior designers, landscape designers and product designers and furniture, as well as students who are ready to start your letter. The application of the most common is the most significant engineering design software maps. This application is a two and three-dimensional modeling is to make learning simple and friendly environment, making it one of the first application for beginning students in the field of design has become.

A closer look

The rival software programs and tools such as AutoCAD provides it. The greatest and most famous mansions and buildings and designers in Europe British architect have the software and its creators closely with architects and requiring architects of Europe and a very good and interesting to their needs in this application have met . This software product is a breakthrough and prospective suppliers, it is in the new version is much better and become more interesting Rendering environments and three-dimensional images taken of the movie and better animation software and Autodesk and AutoCAD ارائه نمود .. این نرم افزار با محیطی جالب و گویا و بکارگیری آسان محبوب مهندسین و معماران می باشد و نسخه های متفاوتی از آن با محیط های معماری ، طراحی مکانیک ، نورپردازی ، محیط و فضا سازی مانند جنگل و محیط سبز ، و.. Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, Renderworks is provided, and the new version has been put together in a package and you can d It fits your application and set desired by the environment or the environment and tool environments and other tools and complete your plan. همچنین در نسخه جدید انواع مدل های آماده مانند پیچ و مهره وو.. میز صندلی و وسایل منزل مانند در و پنجره در معماری و اشیاء و درخت در شبیه سازی سه بعدی مانند استدیو تریدی مکس وجود دارد.بسیاری از ساختمان ها ، آپارتمان ها و Tower built in the United Arabic Emirates are designed with this software.

Vectorworks software tips:

- Krkshdh your antivirus files may be mistakenly identified as a virus, if the file is actually clean and without problems.
- It is rarely crack or a great distance to an official release, is available to the public.

required system

Vectorworks System Requirements

: Operating System
Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8.1
: Other Software
QuickTime 7.7.0 to 7.7.3
: Processor
Pentium 2GHz or better
: Screen Resolution
Recommended: 1280 × 800
Minimum: 1024 x 768
: Display color depth
15bit or higher
: (System Memory (RAM
4GB to 8GB
(2GB Minimum)

: Individual Product Requirements

: Vectorworks Fundamentals
RAM: 2GB Minimum, 4GB recommended
Hard drive space: 10GB free
: Vectorworks Fundamentals plus Renderworks
RAM: 4GB Minimum, 8GB recommended
Hard drive space: 10GB free
: Vectorworks Designer
RAM: 2GB Minimum, 4GB recommended
Hard drive space: 10GB free
: Vectorworks Designer plus Renderworks
RAM: 4GB Minimum, 8GB recommended
Hard drive space: 10GB free

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