CIMCO Suite 7.55.68 / Edit 8.00.43 - شبكة رشد

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CIMCO Suite 7.55.68 / Edit 8.00.43

CIMCO Suite 7.55.68 / Edit 8.00.43

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Features and amenities CIMCO Edit:

  • Management of large programs cnc (according to the amount of memory on the computer)
  • Special functions code cnc: counting line, character management, XYZ range finder
  • Mathematical functions: basic math, rotate, mirror, tool compensation, and translate
  • Compare files together: the difference in the line / section at a time
  • Support for Mazatrol Files
  • Support for STL files
  • Cooperation codes with NC-Assistant
  • Adjustable print
  • Use solution for 2D CAD 2D geometry to solve problems in cimco
To see the full data CIMCO the annual visit.

required system

Operating system
Windows 2000
All versions of XP
Windows 7/8 - 32/64 bit
Server 2000 or Newer
Pocket PC 2002
PC Hardware
Processor 1.5GHz. Intel or AMD
Memory: 2 GB Ram, 500MB free hard disk space required
Monitor: 800 x 600 minimum
Graphics: Open GL compatible card required for backplot option in Cimco Edit
NC-Base includes MySQL 3.23.52-nt. Microsoft SQL 2000


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